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Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand (REANZ)

REANZ is a charitable trust that has been in existence since June 2009. There are ten trustees of REANZ, each of whom bring a considerable breadth of expertise and experience:  practitioners working in the early childhood and primary sector, tertiary educators and those in other roles related to ECE. REANZ is committed to providing opportunities for teachers to critically engage with the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia within the cultural content of Aotearoa. One of the main aims of REANZ is that the knots and complexities that can emerge from these encounters with Reggio pedagogy and practice will cause educators to look more closely at their own ideas about education.

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Sunday 2nd April to Friday 7th April 2017

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 Our REANZ Trustee, Lorraine Manuela

Lorraines Photos South Africa  Our REANZ Trustee, Lorraine Manuela is presently a   speaker at the Africa Reggio Emilia Alliance (AREA) conference in Johannesburg.

  Lorraine is our Reggio Emilia Children International    Representative, and she first befriended Tessa Browne in Reggio Emilia back in 2010. Tessa has been a central figure in setting up AREA.

 Since this time REANZ has continued to be connected with Tessa, and recently REANZ provided financial support for several Soweto teachers to attend this conference. REANZ also provided financial assistance for    Lorraine to go to Cape Town to attend the AREA conference. Those of us, who have had the pleasure of listening to Lorraine, will know that the registrants of this conference are in for a wonderful experience.

 Lorraine enjoyed Tiziana Filipini's company as well as other keynote speakers as they visited Soweto yesterday.

They visited a centre that had been an abandoned building. We are so pleased to be able to share these photos with you. Thank you Lorraine.

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Inspiring presenters from Rolleston School!

Wow, what a Saturday morning in the Deep South thanks to these inspiring presenters from Rolleston School! They held the audience of 60 primary and kindergarten teachers spellbound for 4 hours with the telling of their Reggio inspired journey over the last 5 or so years. Provocations gave us all so much thinking to take away: 

"Each day should be a surprise-surprises make learning exciting. Surprises allow children to drive the learning. This sort of teaching makes for outstanding learning.

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On Becoming a Professional Marveller

Pedagogical Practice as Professional Development

Ann Pelo

Reflection by Liz Battersby

After one full, yet all.too.short day in the presence of the remarkable educator and author, Ann Pelo, I marvelled at how fast the time went, as she challenged us to think deeply about the essence of exemplary pedagogical practice. Her scholarly, provocative, and inclusive guidance of our understanding reminded me of the intense experience of listening to and grappling with the innovative and challenging ideas of the Reggio Emilia educators. In both situations, I had much rethinking to do, but was keen to learn more.

Ann’s final provocation in a day of provocations was to ask us to reflect on the question:

How do I see the full human self of this child, the full human self of this moment?    

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