Ann Pelo's Workshop

Posted on July 18, 2016

Ann Pelo workshops

Helen Pritchard - Manukau Institute of Technology.

Ann Pelo is an American early childhood teacher; lecturer and programme consultant whose work is Reggio- inspired, emphasising the centrality of the Arts. In September of 2012, Ann gave an engaging presentation and workshop called Speaking the Languages of Art; Embracing the Arts for collaboration and critical thinking. This was based on her well- known book The Language of Art; Inquiry based Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings published in 2007.

Ann’s work invites childrens engagement in the visual arts by bringing art into conversations with children. According to Ann, we all live in the world art-fully and it is important to embrace each other’s unique ways of looking at the world and to communicate our ways of seeing through the arts. All artists show traces of their childhood endeavours in art and as artists we bring art practice into our engagement with children. She describes the creation of art as perspectives of curiosity enhanced by metaphor - art is way of thinking, feeling, and expressing ourselves as human beings. As Pelo believes, we are sentient beings, we feel, perceive, and experience art through the senses. This means we engage in the world with all our senses, our consciousness is heightened both intellectually and through our being present in the process. In considering the purpose of art in the lives of children, we can see how the arts in early childhood centres are at the front and centre of our daily rhythms. Children’s participation in the arts aligns with what Dewey (1935) in his book Art as Experience refers to as a ‘live creature’ interacting with the environment

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Ann Pelo with REID group