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The Friends of Reggio Children Association
Reggio Children

In 1996 the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the AGAC (the local water, gas and waste management company) came together to promote the idea that waste materials can be resources and that their use can be reinvented...

The results have extended beyond all expectations. The energies that have coalesced around this project and the creativity it has stimulated have been incredible, as often happens with projects initiated in the infant-toddler centres and preschools of Reggio Emilia. But here there is something more; the encounter with "waste" material, with a company that "treats" these materials, and with the businesses that are participating in increasing numbers to keep the supply coming - become deep down, we people of Reggio Emilia do not like to waste, to throw things away.

There are now 170 companies that contribute their dicarded materials: paper, metal, cord, leather, fabrics, upholstery, food containers, bottled, and so on, materials that are carefully inspected and selected by the Friends of Reggio Children Association then transported to REMIDA headquarters by AGAC.

At REMIDA the objects are received, displayed, and offered in a sort of emporium or warehouse of wonders. With REMIDA it is as if discarded materials, increasingly abandoned and spurned by the society of opulence, became the seen and driving force of collaborative projects and creativity. They have given back to us the vision of children, who see creative potential and unsuspected treasures in every discard, in every material in every object.



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