Children, Art, Artists - The Expressive Languages of Children, The Artistic Language of Alberto Burri

Reggio Children (Edited by Vea Vecchi and Claudia Giudici)
Reggio Children

This book is designed to offer a "guided tour" of the exhibit entitled "The Expressive Languages of Children, the Artistic Language of Alberto Burri", which included works by children ranging in age from the infant-toddler centre to the elementary school.

 We (Reggio Children) decided to publish the materials as they were presented in the exhibit, with the addition of a few general reflections as an introduction to each project and brief comments during the project descriptions where it seemed necessary in order to clarify the documentation displayed and to examine it in more depth. Along with the texts of the exhibit, the catalogue included a number of essays discussing the relationship between schools and the city, children and art, and pedagogy and the atelier. We feel that this structure will make it possible to talk about the ideas presented in the exhibit in different places and contexts, communicating an approach of children to art and artists that we feel is interesting for the world of schools and the world of museums, enabling an exchange of different points of view. These choices were made to ensure that the catalogue would be consistent with the overall project, which was primarily a project of professional formation and development for teachers and atelieristas (from the infant-toddler centre through middle school), on a theme that is delicate, important and necessary: the encounter between children and the poetic languages. We feel that this dialogue can promote a kind of knowledge that is more human and more complete.

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