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Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand (REANZ)

REANZ is a charitable trust that has been in existence since June 2009. There are eleven trustees of REANZ, each of whom bring a considerable breadth of expertise and experience:  practitioners working in the early childhood and primary sector, tertiary educators and those in other roles related to ECE. REANZ is committed to providing opportunities for teachers to critically engage with the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia within the cultural content of Aotearoa. One of the main aims of REANZ is that the knots and complexities that can emerge from these encounters with Reggio pedagogy and practice will cause educators to look more closely at their own ideas about education.

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                             Titiro whakamuri kia anga whakamua


   Look into the past in order to go forward



Friday 17th – Sunday 19th July 2020

Diocesan School for Girls, Clyde Road, Epsom, Auckland


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Come and celebrate the centenary of Loris Malaguzzi’s life and work (the founding forefather of the Reggio Emilia Approach) with Prof. Claudia Guidici the President of Reggio Children and an atelierista from Reggio Emilia. 

Prof. Guidici is a well renowned lecturer in psychology and pedagogy, author, researcher and pedagogista who will challenge us to think deeply about children as co-learners, as people and as citizens.


Join us to generate new thinking and pathways by reflecting on the political and pedagogical essence of the Reggio Emilia Approach in relation to the rich history and unique bi-cultural heritage of early years and primary education in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Connect, create and re-imagine new possibilities for tamariki, kaiako and learning and teaching communities.

Encounter inspiring international and national speakers, arts specialists, stories of practice and creative workshops that will provoke and inspire change, innovation and hope for a more ethically and politically sustainable world.


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Reggio Emilia Study Tour 2020 

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REPORT from:                                                             Study Group Tour to Italy - April 2019

The group

Diti Hill-Denee and Anne Meade were the group leaders.  Each had hosted a pre-tour gathering in their home cities a couple of weeks before departure. Diti and Anne shared the questions and helpful tips that came up with all participants by email.  These meetings set a positive tone from the outset, and those who met together made a commitment to be inclusive of all those joining in Italy.

Anne met four participants at Milan Malpensa airport (in fact Meg Moss found Anne in the other half of the terminal) and we met more participants at Milano Centrale Station.  All elected to take the slow train to see the country.  Some decided to walk from the station to Hotel Posta on arrival!  Diti and Rachel Denee met one participant in Bologna and accompanied her to Reggio Emilia.

There were 23 participants from New Zealand in the REANZ study group, including the two group leaders and three partners.  The large majority were from Auckland, with a further five from Wellington, one from Christchurch and one from Kaikohe.  A majority were teachers or managers in ECE centres; there were two school principals (and their husbands) and two teachers from Mt Richmond Special School.

Most of the group had registered for the additional excursions to Florence, Venice and the Cervi museum. The ‘ten day’ group bonded from the outset and, at the same time, were thoughtful and inclusive of those who arrived on the Sunday (the ‘seven-day’ group).  During the 5 days of the study group we met as a whole group daily to discuss reflections on and questions from the day, either in the meeting room at La Posta or in a corner of the Loris Malaguzzi Centre. 

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Lorraine Manuela the REANZ International Representative in Reggio Emilia

Having lunch with the teachers and cooks at Martiri de Sesso Preschool, our linked corresponding school in Reggio Emilia. The cooks son had played rugby in NZ, so we had a very special meal prepared for us, accompanied with local Processco. 

 An extraordinary week listening, sharing and being surrounded by incredible thinkers in early childhood education. They inspire, they challenge and they offer exchanges whilst sharing co-participatory research between adults and children.  They view this as a daily praxis, an attitude that lets them get closer to reality, investigate it and comprehend it. 


Lorraine Manuela, Des Hugo, Ruth Wallbridge, Tessa Browne & Jan Millikan

Attending the Reggio Children International Network Meeting in Reggio Emilia 2019.


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When your dance and my dance are entwined

Clare Battersby, TAPAC, Auckland, New Zealand Contact:

Elizabeth Battersby, Education Consultant, Auckland, New Zealand Contact: 

This project dialogue examined how an emerging sense of dance identity might enhance a child’s awareness of and feeling of belonging in the world. It presented interviews with children that explored Clare Battersby’s long-held belief that children’s evolving sense of self develops and is empowered through their experience of an inclusive approach to dance. Here they are challenged and experience joy and success. This approach is rooted in contemporary dance theory, educational pedagogy, and theatre performance. It has no syllabus or examinations, but, rather, a co-constructed emergent curriculum. Every child is welcome in the class, which caters to their interests and abilities through collaboration between the teacher and participating children. 

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